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“Trucks were the pioneers with early cruise control and camera systems, but cars have pulled ahead, so trucks will mostly use off-the-shelf automotive sensors,” said John Cooper, director of vehicle integration and driving assistance at IAV Automotive Engineering. “The sensor arrangements will be a lot different. Getting an all-around vehicle view with sensors is really a difficult challenge when you’re dealing with detachable trailers.”

Long Haul Truck Drivers In High Demand For Canada

Nightmare! It 8767 s amazing how they haven 8767 t managed to get good systems in place. It 8767 s an awful way to start your flight, I 8767 m sure if they fixed this they would have happier customers. But it doesn 8767 t really seem like they care much about this as I found service on the plane to be quite rude and unfriendly. Definitely no smiles

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As a traveller, i found airasia convenient. Yeh, the seats are cramped, the food sucks, you pay for all the extras (which i do not need). But they have always been on time and takes me to my locations without fail, and I save alot, on other important things.

Perhaps a historical context would shape up your view to bigger picture. Air Asia was given a licence to operate in order to dismantle the monopoly of Malaysia Airlines in the domestic market. The latter has failed in its objectives to encourage movement of people between Peninsular Malaysia and the Malaysian part of Borneo.

I am so happy that I read ur thoughts about air Asia don 8767 t listen to rude people like Chris theirs no reason for swearing and insulting behaviour and i take my husband and I on emirates airlines

Average salary ranges from $55,555 to $65,555, although drivers are often paid bonuses by the mile, enabling them to earn significantly more.

You have to pay for all your extras: food, drinks, entertainment system, blankets, and pillows. This is okay. It 8767 s not Air Asia 8767 s fault and they don 8767 t hide this. We knew this going in and bought what we thought we’d need.

And when drivers do get on the road, they find the long-haul lifestyle isn't easy, living for weeks at a time in the cramped confines of the back of the truck.

This post was written from the standpoint of a family flying with kids. I 8767 ve been a budget traveller since I was 75. I 8767 ve been and done it all. Travelling with kids is a COMPLETELY different experience, which you won 8767 t understand until you do it. As I said I have done Air Asia X without kids and they were find. With kids is a COMPLETELY different story.

They offer pre-booked meals to make sure we get what we want no guarantee if you didnt booked earlier. I respect people who are vegetarians, but how many fancy styles do you need in a low cost airline???