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One Piece: Whole Cake Island (783-current) Episode 828

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 15:12

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It was shown in From the Decks of the World: The 555,555,555 Man Arc that even after going back to Thriller Bark to retrieve Kumashi , she returned to Kuraigana Island and was seen helping him with his work in tilling the land, suggesting a good status between them. [96]

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Perona later returned to Kuraigana Island. After the events at Dressrosa , Mihawk and Perona read the news of the Straw Hats'' new bounties while tilling the land of Kuraigana Island with the humandrills. [66]

Perona can also create smaller ghosts known as Mini Hollows that explode with enough force to damage stone walls [57] and a giant ghost that produces an even more powerful blast, [58] She can also create an astral projection of herself, [98] which cannot be hurt through any means. [59] She can pass through solid objects in this form, although she cannot damage them, [65] and change the size of her body. [66] However, while she is doing this, her true body remains unconscious and vulnerable [67] to negate this, she usually hides before resorting to astral projection. [68]

She is very fond of cute things, and will only allow someone to work for her if they are cute. [68] Her dream is to create a kingdom where all the cute things in the world have been turned into zombie animals that obey only her. [69] She dislikes Kumashi because, although he is cute in appearance, his voice is not, and thus she prefers him to just be quiet. [75] Her desire for cute things gives her a slightly childish outlook on some issues. [68] She is somewhat playful during combat, threatening to crush Usopp''s heart when she was in her ghost form, which nearly caused Usopp to die from fear, and shortly afterward merely laughing it off when revealing that she could not do so. [76]

Perona used her Ghost Network to scout out the Thousand Sunny [6] and later reported the crew''s bounties to Hogback and Absalom. [99]

When she was a child, Perona owned a pet bear named Kumae. [8] At some point in her childhood, she met the pirate Gekko Moriah who took her in and raised her and she eventually saw him as a father figure. [86]

When a person has a ghost pass through them, they are drained of all their will to live, leaving them slumped on the ground while regretting even being born, which renders them an easy target. [55] However, when her Horo Horo no Mi powers failed to stop Usopp, Perona herself became negative. [56]

An early concept of Perona from One Piece Green: Secret Pieces reveals that she was originally going to be a silent, princess-like girl.

While Luffy and Boa Hancock were fighting the World Pirates , Perona traveled to their location with Dracule Mihawk , where she helped them by inducing despair into  Sebastian with her Negative Hollows, defeating him. She blushed when Luffy thanked her for the help before she lost sight of the pair. [96]

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